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What is 3D Artwork?

Posted on September 17, 2019

In terms of visual arts, 3d artwork is a form of art which is created using materials such as clay and plaster of Paris (PoP) instead of more traditional materials such as oil. It is generally created on a canvas. This type of art is considered to be relatively modern and it can also be alternatively referred to as “clay on canvas artwork” or “clay artwork”.

Such artwork can be used as wall decor for homes and offices. Here is a demonstration of how such artwork can look on a wall:

3D Artwork on a Wall

Our artists like to create their 3d art exclusively using clay. Some are created on plain canvas whilst others are created on custom textured canvas.

Here are some examples of 3d artwork which have been created by one of our very own artists. They all use a textured canvas which has been created using PoP. The flowers and the leaves have been created by hand using clay. They were then colored using acrylic paint.

You can find more items on our 3d artwork page.