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What is 3D Artwork?

Posted on September 17, 2019

3D artwork in the realm of visual arts is a modern form of artistic expression that involves the use of materials such as clay and plaster of Paris (PoP), rather than traditional media like oil paint. Typically, this type of art is created on a canvas, and may be referred to as “clay on canvas artwork” or “clay artwork.”

This genre of art is ideal for use as wall decor in homes and offices. To illustrate, consider the following example, which shows how 3D artwork can enhance a wall:

3D Artwork on a Wall

Our artists specialize in creating 3D art using clay as their medium of choice. They create their works on both plain and custom-textured canvases.

One of our artists has produced a variety of 3D artwork examples using a custom-textured canvas, PoP, and clay. The flowers and leaves were meticulously crafted by hand and then painted with acrylics.

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